Binani Cement Limited was admitted under Insolvency and Bankruptcy code 2016 as per the NCLAT order dated 14-11-2018, Binani Cement Limited became Wholly Own Subsidiary of Ultratech Cement Limited. The site is under construction.
Sustainability at Binani Industries Limited


Environmental sustainability is embedded in every aspect of business operations starting from the planning stage. Performance benchmarking is done beyond stringent regulatory norms. The Company has commissioned state-of-the-art pollution control equipment and undertaken several environment management initiatives. Our business approach not only seeks to minimize our environmental footprint but also contribute in enhancing the environmental quality in and around our work area. All of our Indian manufacturing units are certified under ISO 14001:2004 standards and strictly follow defined operating procedures.

Environmental attributes, such as air pollutants, waste, and effluents are monitored and periodic reports are made available to relevant stakeholders detailing our environmental performance. Relevant training is imparted to employees in the area of environmental management enabling them to help the organization incorporate sustainability in its DNA.


Energy efficiency, water conservation, using natural resources efficiently, and developing alternative sources of energy are an integral part of our business strategy. Special precaution is taken while material handling and have effective spill management systems in place.

Awards received by Binani Industries Ltd. for exemplary performance in Environmental Sustainability

Water Conservation

Water apart from contributing to the survival of various life forms is also an important resource for the industrial process requirement. Conserving water is not only a part of environmental responsibility of the company but otherwise makes a lot of business sense. Present environmental regulatory compliance has large focus on industrial water requirement and also on water conservation initiatives.

 The Braj Binani Group believes in returning the natural asset to the environment therefore has planned activities to reduce the consumption of water also recharging the underground water reserves through artificial recharging techniques. The water conservation strategy at  BCL has resulted in reducing the specific water consumption by approximately 43% over the last two years. Focused work has been carried out for water management, which includes developing rainwater harvesting structures within and around our plant to recharge the groundwater. These endeavors resulted in  groundwater recharge of 1.97 million cubic meter (MCM) per annum approximately whereas the total annual water withdrawal is less than 1.0 MCM. At BCL, the company not only reduced its water demand by around 50% but also recharged around 200% water it has consumed.


Most of the business operations are dependent on natural resources of which fossil fuels are the main source of the industrial energy requirement. Energy conservation therefore plays a pivotal role in protecting our natural environment. The energy management initiatives at BCL have resulted in reducing the specific energy consumption year-over-year. The company has been using waste of other industries as a source of heat value thereby not only reducing own dependency on fossil fuels but also helping other companies in effective waste management. The Company has almost doubled the consumption of alternate fuels from FY 2009-10 to FY 2010-11 which bears testimony to our commitment towards sustainability.  At BCL, the company has installed automated computer control to help optimize the combustion process and conditions.  High efficiency motors & drives and efficient kiln technology have been procured as a part of the Company’s commitment towards conserving energy.

 Through energy conservation endeavors BCL endorse eco-friendly practices and promote energy conservation as part of an overall strategy to reduce CO2 emissions. Further to sequester carbon, the company has covered around 210 hectares of land under the extensive tree plantation drive within and around the plant premises. Supporting and endorsing nationwide awareness campaign on promoting ‘Tree Plantation’ forms the part of carbon mitigation strategy.

  At BZL, numerous energy efficiency initiatives have been undertaken over the years. Some of them are through redesigning processes including replacement of a pump with a gravity flow arrangement, gravity flow provision for spent acid from cell house to leaching plant and commissioning of a new fine dust plant. Other initiatives included charging of spent zinc anodes into main melting furnace, installation of turbo-ventilators powered by wind energy at appropriate places to ensure proper ventilation, etc.

 At 3B-Binani (formerly known as Goa Glass Fibre Ltd.), “Oxy fuel combustion” technology is installed for melting the input material in the furnace instead of “Air fuel combustion”. This technology has resulted in significant energy savings over time and in turn contributed towards reduction in overall greenhouse gas emissions. 

Health and Safety

 The Braj Binani Group is committed to provide the highest standards of workplace safety to our employees.  All our operations have adequate systems and procedures for safety of employees their families and communities as well. At the Braj Binani Group, safety is not just a regulatory requirement but a part of regular business conduct. The company envisages maintaining its goal towards safe operations with zero reportable injuries and fatalities across our business units.

 Safety Measures: Stringent measures are enforced to follow safety systems and procedures to avoid any unsafe practice. Special check valves are provided in equipments to avoid contamination in air, water, or land. Regular training and audit programs are conducted at our manufacturing units to educate the workers about general safety guidelines.. Workers are educated and provided with adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs). Effective safety technologies are installed to enhance the safe working conditions of the staff. Regular inspection is done for Safety equipment and trained workforce of security officers is available for the preparedness to handle any emergencies. All operating units are OHSAS 18001 certified and have state-of-the-art Safety Management Systems in place. Mock drills are conducted regulalry to check emergency preparedness. To facilitate onsite safety and environmental management, we have a safety committee, which works proactively to identify and resolve issues. Workers and management level employees find equal representation in the safety committee.

 National Safety Week: Celebrated every year during which the employees take the safety pledge. Various industry experts and government officials from reputed institutes are invited to promote safety awareness for employees and their families. Regular seminars, workshops etc are organized on relevant topics such as Industrial health & safety, Gas cylinder safety,  Bad effects of Tobacco, Tuberculosis, Safety at work, Domestic safety, Environmental safety, Transportation safety etc.

 We believe that health and safety of the workforce is critical to our success. The Ghanshyam Binani Health Centre and various other health initiatives undertaken for our community showcase our commitment towards maintaining good health envirornment of the community.

 Pakalveedu or Daycare for Senior Citizens , Kerala

This is a non-institutional and community-based service with the intention of integrating the elderly with the community. The purpose and basic principle of the approach is to help the elderly who experience isolation and suffer from insecurity and depression.

Various activities are undertaken at the daycare center, which fills the life of senior citizens. These may simply be newspaper reading, discussing local reports, sharing personal experiences, viewing feature films on issues faced by the elderly, games, yoga, medical help, counseling and celebrating special occasions, but it adds great meaning to their lives.

 Ghanshyam Binani Health Centre (GBHC), Kerala

The Ghanshyam Binani Health Centre (GBHC) is a Centre of Excellence of the Amritha Institute of Medical Science and Cooperative Medical College, Kochi. GBHC aims at protecting workers health against hazards at work, adapting the required work and the work environment to the capabilities of workers, and promoting physical, mental and social well-being of workers. In this regard, GBHC conducts pre-employment checkups for new recruits, annual checkups for employees, canteen workers and security personnel for lifestyle disorders such as hypertension, obesity, high cholesterol and other diseases such as cardiac disorders, hearing loss.

 GBHC conducts medical camps once a month where patients get free consultation by appointments and are treated by doctors who specialists in a various medical fields. Few cancer detection camps were organizedfor the employees, their dependents, and the community. In addition, an anemia detection program was conducted for the ‘Pakal Veedu’ (Day-Home) members. The program consisted of lab tests for hemoglobin detection and blood sugar estimation. M/s Wyeth Ltd (a pharmaceutical company) supplied free medicine samples. A food and nutrition consultant of the National Rural Health Mission conducted a patient awareness program on food and nutrition with special emphasis on anemia management. In association with the ESIC Hospital, Pathalam, the Company organized a comprehensive medical checkup camp for contractual workers.

 G. D. Binani Diagnostic Center, Rajasthan

The well-equipped G. D. Binani Diagnostic Center offers state-of-the-art facilities (ambulances, pathological lab, X-ray and ECG machines, spirometers, suction machines, dopplers, etc.) and services to extend medical treatment to patients. The health center periodically conducts free multi-specialty health and eye checkup camps and distributes free medicine to the villagers. More than 10,000 patients benefit from this every year.

 Braj Binani Group has legacy to showcase exemplary social and environmental responsible practices with sustainability embedded in its core business ethics. Sustainability is also reflected in its branding slogan ‘Sadiyon Ke Liye’ which means ‘For Generations To Come’. The Group is now focusing on communicating the sustainability performance for the global stakeholders and has endeavored to publish sustainability report of Binani Industries Ltd along with individual reports of BCL & BZL. The Group is publishing sustainability report as per the GRI Guidelines for Sustainability Reporting, one of the most accepted and credible framework for sustainability reporting. The aim is to be more transparent and accountable in the global business fraternity.