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The 11th ‘Ghanshyam Binani Children Bravery Award’ announced

The 11th ‘Ghanshyam Binani Children Bravery Award’ announced

~Master Nikhil Sudhir Kabra from Jalgaon, Master Vijay Kumar Saini from Kanpur and Baby Ganga Paresh Burke of Mumbai were felicitated at the 11th Ghanshyam Binani Children Bravery Award~

New Delhi, April 19th, 2012: Binani Industries Limited and Ghanshyam Binani Foundation – a Braj Binani Group non-profit organization – has announced its 11th Ghanshyam Binani Children Bravery Award for 2011. The Award aims at celebrating the bravery of young children who have conquered their fears and won over difficulties. The Award acknowledges an act of bravery of children upto the age of 16 years. This award has been instituted in the memory of Ghanshyamji Binani.

The award has two categories – the male and the female category. The deserving children from these categories are given cash prize of Rs.51,000/-, a medal of courage, a certificate of recognition and a citation each.

This year, Ghanshyam Binani Foundation has recognized three such brave hearts Master Nikhil Sudhir Kabra from Jalgaon, Master Vijay Kumar Saini from Kanpur and Baby Ganga Paresh Burke of Mumbai, and honored their bravery at Ghanshyam Binani Children’s Bravery Award function held in Delhi.

A highly regarded jury consisting of personalities like Mrs Padma Binani, Chairperson of Ghanshyam Binani Foundation, Mrs. Kalpana Binani, Trustee Ghansyam Binani Foundation, Dr D S Pasricha, former Deputy General of Police, Maharashtra State and a Chairman of Ghanshyam Binani Bravery Award Committee, Mr Nana Chudasama, an eminent jurist and a former Mayor and Sheriff of Mumbai, Mr. Chandramohan Malpani, Industrialist and Publisher of Swatantra Mat, a Hindi daily from Jabalpur decided on the final winners.

Mrs Padma Binani, Mrs Kalpana Binani, Trustee of Ghanshyam Binani Foundation and Dr D S Pasricha felicitated Master Nikhil Sudhir Kabra, Master Vijay Kumar Saini and Baby Ganga Paresh Burke, at an Award Ceremony in New Delhi.

The jury followed a well set process to decide on the winners from among the 75 nominations received. Mrs Kalpana Binani said, “It is overwhelming to see the response Ghanshyam Binani Children Bravery Awards has been receiving for the past one decade. India is in a phase of transition where people have finally started recognizing the strength within them and standing up with courage. Bravery is not just about great physical capacity; but it is about keeping our fears aside and marching ahead on the path of self belief. The Ghanshyam Binani foundation is recognizing these acts of Bravery and by awarding them; the foundation is dedicating itself towards nurturing the young minds to be fearless and responsible in their actions.”

“If we wish to progress as a nation, we need to have citizens who are ready to loose sight of the shore to discover new oceans,” added Mrs Binani.

“The determination and courage exhibited by these little champions is truly inspiring. It shows that life is to smile in trouble and gather strength from disasters”, said Mr Nana Chudasama, an eminent jurist and a former Mayor and Sheriff of Mumbai. Mr Chudasama urged the young breed to be brave. He admired the three winners and exclaimed that these little stalwarts Master Nikhil Sudhir Kabra, Master Vijay Kumar Saini and Baby Ganga Paresh Burke were living examples of how adversity moulds character of gold.

The three winners this year have proved that moral courage is much higher than physical courage. Master Nikhil Sudhir Kabra, a 13 year old young boy from Jalgaon, a district in Maharashtra, defied his fears. Without caring about his own life jumped in to save Sunny who was caught in fire and was pleading for help. Master Nikhil was the only one who came to Sunny’s resort. He put all his efforts and finally defeated the fire. Due to his efforts, today Sunny is safe and sound. The mighty efforts of this little brave boy gave Sunny a new lease of life.

Master Vijay Kumar Saini is another such example of bravery. Like any other day, he was busy in his shop at Dowdighat on the bank of the river Ganges in Kanpur when he saw six boys diving into the roaring river for swimming. Fearing the strong currents of the river, Master Vijay advised them not to go in the river, which the boys casually ignored. As the fate would have it, Master Vijay’s fear came true and he saw the boys struggling to stay afloat. Without wasting time, Mater Vijay plunged into the river and fought its currents to save Ashish, Sunil and Rajat, three of the six boys. Had it not been for fearless Master Vijay, the three boys would have never been able to overcome the currents. Master Vijay has taught how fear lasts for only few moments, but brave actions define your life.

Life will never be same for Baby Ganga Paresh Burke after that fateful evening, which brought her face to face with a gory reality. A reality that shook her entire world, that took away the ground from beneath her feet. In a horrible incidence just beyond even imagination, her very own father kidnapped her and her sister Pavitra. He even went ahead hiring a contract killer to kill Baby Ganga and her sister. It was a trauma for a ten year old girl to bear, but Baby Ganga soon realized the danger. She believed that it was worthless to lament what happened and in turn, gathered herself up and struggled to free herself from the chair in a far-off house where both the girls were kept captive. Baby Ganga fled from there and very boldly stuck to her guns and informed the police of the inhuman behaviour of her father. She also informed the police about Pavitra, who then found her in a gunny bag in the house from which Ganga had fled. The story of Baby Ganga is heart wrenching and for a ten year old not to succumb to such a situation and fighting it, is a commendable act.

Dr D S Pasricha emphasizing on the need of such Awards said, “Awards like these instill confidence in young children, who have learnt things the tough way in their lives. It is not just about doing great things, but it is about showing remarkable composure and thinking through our course of action even in the most trying times”.

Zee Network felicitated the winners of Ghanshyam Binani Children’s bravery award, on 18th April, 2012 in its studio at Delhi.

About Ghanshyam Binani Foundation:

Ghanshyam Binani Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization of Braj Binani Group was set up in 1958 to help the needy and support a good cause. Seth Govardhandas Binani was the founder Chairman and Late Ghanshyam Binani was the Vice-Chairman. In fact, Seth Govardhandas began this odyssey by building Dharamashalas and libraries in the memory of his wife. Even now, the Maheshwari community remembers them for their sterling service. In these four decades, the Ghanshyam Binani Foundation has touched innumerable lives and has made a difference in the lives of millions. The Foundation mainly focuses on education, health as major areas among others. The innumerable educational institutions, student scholarships, libraries, hospitals, Dharamashalas & community halls and parks speak for themselves.

For further information, please contact: Nidhi Sekhsaria, HANMER MSL, 9820188007