Binani Cement Limited was admitted under Insolvency and Bankruptcy code 2016 as per the NCLAT order dated 14-11-2018, Binani Cement Limited became Wholly Own Subsidiary of Ultratech Cement Limited. The site is under construction.
CPI Binani

Glass Fibre and Composites

Binani Industries Ltd. is a leader in the fibreglass and composites industry with a global business in manufacturing and supply of fibreglass and related products.

Fibreglass or glass-reinforced plastic is used to manufacture composites, which are widely used in the market today to replace steel, aluminium and other lower strength plastics. Composite materials find their uses in various industries, such as aerospace, automobiles, transportation, energy, infrastructure, construction, electrical insulation, telecommunication, medical equipment, and sports due to its low cost, ready availability, excellent strength, and durability.

Binani Industries Ltd. was quick to assess the potential of the fibreglass market and to establish a strong foothold in this sector. Using a combination of organic growth from its own fibreglass and composites manufacturing units and strategic acquisitions of leading companies in this field, Binani Industries has established a comprehensive product line as a glass fibre manufacturer with four manufacturing centers in Europe, India and USA, all of which are wholly owned subsidiaries of Binani Industries Ltd.

The Road Ahead:

With an increase in the usage of composites in different industries, the demand for composites is increasing globally, which puts Binani Industries  Limited in a strategic position for growth.