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Binani Cement Limited was admitted under Insolvency and Bankruptcy code 2016 as per the NCLAT order dated 14-11-2018, Binani Cement Limited became Wholly Own Subsidiary of Ultratech Cement Limited. The site is under construction.
Informative Publishing & Events

For Generations to come

Binani Cement is a global supplier of high quality cement with annual production capacity of 11.25 million tons from factories in India, China, and Dubai.


Discover Your Glass Fiber World

Binani 3B Fibreglass is a technology leader producing innovative glass fibre and composite solutions from facilities in Europe, India and USA.


Engineering the future

BIL Infratech’s world-class services team executes multiple complex infrastructure projects across geographies, and delivers them efficiently and in record time.


Eco Friendly Powerhouse

Binani Energy produces reliable and eco-friendly energy for Binani companies. It plans to expand capacity and supply power to external industrials units as well.


Informative Publishing & Events

Binani Information Services provides interactive networking opportunities for professionals in the infrastructure industry through premier publications and events.

Binani Industries Ltd.

Emergence of a Global Leader

Binani Industries is a fast growing, multidimensional business conglomerate with sales, manufacturing, R&D operations spread in Asia, Europe, Middle East and North America. It’s diversified businesses deliver products, solutions and information services for industries spanning cement, glass fibre, composites, construction, and energy. read more >